ARTEZA TwiMarkers, Set of 48 Colors, Dual Tip Sketch Markers



  • Two-sided versatility - These multi-purpose markers mark any occasion with a .4mm fine, thin tip on one end and a broader, brush tip on the other.
  • Color-Coding Coordination - Set includes 48 bright, vibrant water-based markers that deliver eye-catching content and long-lasting appeal.
  • Artistry, Functionality, and Variety. Arteza offers one of the largest sets on the market with this manageable dual tip pen set spanning 4 dozen colors!
  • Helpful cleaning tip - If ink gets on clothing or fabric, try removing the stain by placing paper towels or a small towel underneath the stain. Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton bowl and press firmly until the stain is absorbed.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If your product does not perform to your expectations, simply request a refund or a replacement.


ARTEZA supplies practical, inspirational art supplies that are safe for all ages, well-designed, easy to use, and stimulate imagination. This 48-color TwiMarker set features 2-sided pens with a fine .4mm nib on one end and a broader, brush tip on the other. One side’s tip is extra-fine for precise lines and intricate details. The fine tip will not bleed through most paper or leave leftover “ghost” markings on the other side. The opposite thicker, angled tip delivers a smooth, flowing style that can mimic watercolor effects with each stroke. This dual tip brush marker can be a daily resource with its fine tip for lists and note-taking while the angled bullet tip is ideal for larger surfaces and more artsy activities.

A wide-ranging and vividly colorful set, ARTEZA offers 48 markers perfect for calligraphy, planners, scrapbooks, posters, and artist decoration on various surfaces. Enhance the workday with these well-made writing utensils convenient for color-coding files, note-taking, and everyday planning. Students utilize them for highlighting, outlining, and writing with detail and clarity. Artists and hobbyists will value the results of hand lettering, coloring, doodling, sketching, and journaling.

These dual tip markers is safe for all ages and a fun, useful product for play dates, art projects, and rainy days. The water-based ink dries acid-free and will not streak or smear on any smooth surface. If the ink happens to get on skin, use baby oil, rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, glass cleaner, or even hairspray or nail polish remover. The markers are quick drying, fade resistant, and comprise a vibrant, crisp color palette that spans the spectrum and sparks creativity. Whether a personal purchase or giving an affordable, thoughtful gift, ARTEZA offers 48 colors of two-tipped markers to treasure and use again and again. Art supllies made for your creative soul.

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