About Us

Everyone Is An Artist

We are two sisters who believe that everyone is born an artist. But as we grow up, and then old, our creativity is slowly stripped away. It’s killed systematically by our automatized education, or left behind and forgotten, so we can prioritize careers or various other paths. But our lives don’t have to go on forever without the artist in us.

We are Brookish & Lanky and want to nurture the artist inside everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from. We are a family-centered brand who wants to encourage human connection and nourish your creative spirit. We provide you with an artistic style for your wardrobe and home, and we’re not much different than a piece of artwork really, as our goal is to use our platform to evoke emotions, create smiles, build moods.

Just come to our home of arts, and find inspiration, art supplies, creative prints, digital downloads, various gifts and quirky t-shirts.

For The Love Of Art

We want to inspire people to discover their inner artist and let it fly out in the open. We want to encourage families to create art together, to bring them closer and create life-lasting memories. Our main focus is for you to embrace art, and discover yourself by using our range of Art Supplies. We want to see you flourish as a new artist and release your creative side.

Our Art Gallery features up and coming artists like you. We love art. We love to showcase creative artists on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so just reach out to us and have your artwork featured in our Art Gallery.

For Inspiration

Our catalog features products with various inspirational words on them. We offer you creative items that come with Quotes meant to evoke positivity and encouraging thoughts for a healthier perspective on life, and a better, more supported you. We want to spread positive energy into the world, to shape it into a kinder and a more accepting home for everyone.

For Expressing Yourself Freely

Your personal fashion style is a way to express your personality and give color to your own world. It is a way to show a little piece of yourself once in a while, and change your mood or the mood of the ones you’re interacting with. B&L is our very own clothing line, meant to help you express yourself freely, through creative designs and colorful patterns.

Experience art in its many forms and express yourself freely!

Explore and nurture your creativity by yourself, or together with your loved ones, to discover a new side of humanity!

Thank you for shopping with us and have a Fabulous day!